My Little Violinist

My youngest is a 7th year old boy, who learns playing two musical instruments. He plays a recorder and a violin. We enrolled him into Neighborhood Music School in the next town, following his sisters who plays violin and guitar. At first, we chose recorder for him thinking that we need some variations (we already have a violinist and a guitar player, anyway). It seemed he wouldn’t mind playing it. Although at the beginning, he and I got some rough times during lessons. My son has been learning to play recorder since he was 5. We chose Suzuki method for all our kids and we love it.

Then about two years ago, he asked us if he could have violin lesson during summer vacation. Since his recorder teacher wasn’t available in summer to teach, so we allowed him to try playing violin. He’s not a stranger to it anyway, because he plays violin at his school. He also has good teacher at home who’s available (when she’s not too lazy or occupied with her own world), his beloved sister. To commemorate those wonderful times I spent listening to him when he’s practicing or being there with him during his lessons, I created this scrapbook page for him. My hope is that he will continue to love playing music, to thrive and flourish to become a wonderful and excellent musician.

To Darian, my little violinist…

Note: see that flower on the right down corner, that’s one of my dryer sheet rosette creation.

Little Violinist Scrapbook


2 thoughts on “My Little Violinist

  1. keren banget … pengen deh bisa ..

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