After looking at my creation of Kawai violin card, a friend of mine asked me to make a card for her. But instead of violin, she asked me to create a guitar birthday card. Last night, I sat on my working station making this paper guitar started around 11:40pm till 02:13am (yes, I looked at the clock).  While humming and softly singing Bobby Caldwell’s Back to You, I created each one of the guitar parts. The part that I loved most was when I made the head plate and pegs, because I did it free style by memory. I think waiting and watching my daughter taking her guitar lesson and practicing at home really pay out. I used embroidery yarn for the strings. I just got this yarn from a vintage store I visited recently. The guitar measurements are 32,5cm in length and 11,5cm in width (the guitar body). I felt very satisfied with the end result, especially since I didn’t make any mistakes whatsoever. It was a very smooth process.

Guitar card

Guitar card


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