Thank Heaven for Washi Papers!

Whoever came up with the ideas of turning washi (traditional Japanese paper) into tapes, I salute you. I got some washi tapes from a friend who used to live in Japan. At first, I was very reluctant to use them. Because they’re so pretty and hard to come by. But then I thought, I might as well o use them anyway. That’s when I made baby congrats card for my old high school friend, using 2 motifs of washi tapes as accents. I double-layered the tapes so to make them thick and not too transparent reflecting the base paper. See that cute baby chick below? It’s from Japan too. Another friend got me some snacks from Japan and that cute chick was the wrapper. While the baby picture in the front of the card was the picture I took of my other friend’s baby.


Washi tapes


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