Washi Tape Flower Postcard

As soon as I read a challenge in my favorite magazine, SOMERSET LIFE, I was very excited about it. The challenge is to create something with washi tapes. I was so giddy with some ideas and chose this one in the end: to create postcards. Why postcards? It seems with the growing of super modern technology, people tends to neglect simple things that for so long have become a way to communicate and connect, a postcard.  I love postcards. I collect them. My friends sent me lots, usually blank. So, I was moved with an idea to create my one of a kind postcard using washi tape as an accent. To add that, I reused the cardboard snack boxes my kids got their fortune cookies from. I also used the pages from vintage book I bought from book sale at the library. For more accents, I used images from stamps.


– used cardboard boxes (preferably white)

– washi tapes

– vintage book/old book pages

– cardstock

– stamps (rubberstamps or clear stamps)

– ink stamp

– stencils (flower, alphabets)

– markers

– necessary tools: craft knife, scissors, glue, ruler


1. Cut the cardboard boxes and trim into desired measurement

(mine is : 6.75″ x 5″ or 17,2cm x 13cm).

2. Cut pages from vintage book and adhere onto the the cut out cardboard.

3. Draw flower stencil onto cardstock and cut out.

4. Lay washi tapes side by side onto the flower. Trim excess tapes.

5. Stamp images onto the postcard and adhere the washi tape flower. Ink the postcard edges.

6. Draw lines on the other side of postcard for mailing purposes.

Have a happy crafting!


Washi tape flower postcard

Handmade washi tape flower postcard


4 thoughts on “Washi Tape Flower Postcard

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  3. Thank You for this share 🙂

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