Sample of My Works

For many times, I gave my kids’ teachers my handmade gifts and cards. So, I wasn’t really surprise with what a teacher of my daughter from her music school said to me one day. She told me, my son’s recorder teacher mentioned that I’m good in making greeting cards. Apparently, this is such a good rumor on my side. Then I was thinking that I should give her samples of my work. You know, just so that the rumor wasn’t just a rumor  after all.  But with only two hours or so that I got on Wednesday, I could only come up with just some simple cards. I chose to create two kinds: card with stamped image and card with my trademark, paper carving. In the end, I created three cards and here they are.

Sample of my work

Carved crest on paper


2 thoughts on “Sample of My Works

  1. Dua-duanya cantik sekali …
    Yang burung simple dan coloringnya bagus,lembut sekali
    Yang di ukir warnanya enggak biasa,antara ukiran dan swirls di kertas dasarnya match banged kliatan elegant good jobs dear 😉

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