One Afternoon at Audubon Street

Two or three times a week I come to this street. Rain, snow or shine, no matter. I’d be here. Sometimes holding a violin, another time a guitar. As soon as I stepped off of a city bus, together with three kids we’re heading towards Audubon Street in New Haven, Connecticut. There’s an ad post full with many advertisements, offers and what-not welcoming everybody. Pink, yellow, white or papers with the color of rainbow, plastered across the post like a unique piece of art. Audubon Street is where art begins. Three arts oriented school happen to be there. Even the cafe that never empty is a work of art. I always feel I belong here. Maybe because¬† arts have always been important part of my life. Who knew such contentment can be found on a street, so called Audubon.

Ad. Post at Audubon

Red chairs in front of Koffee, the one of a kind cafe. Its tea bread is my other favorite part of Audubon.

Red Chairs at Audubon


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