Anyone For A (Paper) Cake?

I LOVE, LOVE cake!! Almost any kind of cakes! But I’m not a baker, although I have baked cookies and cakes for several occasion. The truth is I’m not fond of cake making. I didn’t want to be bothered with the clean-up afterward (lol). But then I saw a cute cake sticker and I was inspired by it to create a paper cake. I can guarantee you will love this cake, cause it’s very low in cholesterol and also fat free!

To make this paper cake you need:

  • cardstock
  • 3D foam tape
  • ink stamp

Here’s how to make one (or two):

  1. Draw the base cake that you can copy from time to time. Use oval shape to create its base.
  2. Draw 3 cake cut out and choose 1 to be cut into 3 parts.
  3. Ink the cake parts with ink stamp.
  4. Adhere cake part B onto cake part A. Then adhere cake part C onto cake part B.
  5. Decorate or make the cake for your one of a kind accent for a card or scrapbook.

How To Make Paper Cake

Paper cake


2 thoughts on “Anyone For A (Paper) Cake?

  1. I definitely agree that it’s easier to clean “make believe” food than the real thing. 😉
    I am hooked on making knit and crocheted food.

    • Right on! Lol. If I could get away from washing dishes, I would. And I think “make believe” foods make me happier than the real one. (more lol)

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