To One Good Teacher

One night my son came up to me and asked,”Can you make a card for my teacher?” It was almost the last day of school. But I had no particular theme for the thank you card and I didn’t have a lot of time. So I dug out my box of old crafts, where I usually put things that I made but never intended to give away or send away, or things that I made but never made it into something special, like a card or scrapbook or whatever. I chose an embossed crane in oriental theme that I created a while ago but never made into a whole other craft. While digging up for that particular piece, I remember I have a special quote from Chinese proverb about teachers. I thought that was just perfect! I stayed pretty late creating this card, even though it wasn’t a complicated one. But since I had so many things to do, making a thank you card was the last thing I had in mind. In the end, my embossed crane was a match with the proverb and also an oriental metal charm that I sewed onto the paper. On the day the school ended, my son proudly handed this card to his beloved teacher.

“One good teacher outweighs a ton of books.”

Oriental Crane  Card


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