At A Hijab Party

It was not a regular celebration nor your average one. It was neither a birthday party nor a graduation party, but it was a special one especially for three beautiful girls. They wore lovely dresses just like little princesses. One  in black with white embroidery, the others in blue and purple satin. On their heads with curls were shiny tiaras and yet they were not in beauty pageant. That Sunday was their day to celebrate their willingness to wear hijab. Hijab is a head cover worn by  Muslim women and girls. The hijab its self differ in its interpretations and some women choose to wear it in public, some don’t.

I took my two daughters to attend an invitation from our friend whose daughter was one of the three girls who celebrate Hijab party. Hijab party is a new trend that’s popular among women of middle eastern background who want to celebrate their daughters’ willingness to wear hijab. The girls are usually 9 to 11 years old. The party is maybe similar to Quinceanera, although the theme is not about coming of age. Hijab party was born in United States because the Muslim women from middle east who came up with the idea thought of something special to celebrate a monumental event in a girl’s life when they decide to wear a hijab.

The party was just like any other party with streamers and balloons, presents, guests and families, but everybody who came was a woman or a girl. The only boys who were at the party were babies or toddlers. There was also an arts and crafts corner. After mingling, saying ‘hi’ to old friends and acquaintances and getting accustomed to other guests, we had middle eastern foods. The foods were delicious of yellow spiced rice (I tasted cardamom and saw cinnamon in between the rice), pita bread, barbecue chickens, beef ball (but unlike regular beef ball its shape was oval) and of course some salad and humus. Beside that they were also American food like macaroni and tomato sauce, tater tots and jalapeno poppers.

It was wonderful time for my daughters who met their old friends from school who moved to other school. Since one of the girl’s parents who celebrated the hijab party had a really big lawn, the kids ended up running around, screaming, laughing, well, basically having fun. The host had some kind of a quiz and because it’s in Arabic,  I just stayed and enjoyed seeing her and other guests. My friend told me the quiz was about some things in the Koran and the host gave out some presents for the correct answers. We also prayed together led by the host. Before we left, we had a chance to taste the delectable desserts. Before we left, my friend, one of the hostess,  asked us to take some of the food and desserts home.


3 thoughts on “At A Hijab Party

  1. Oh My… that’s sweet. I’ve seen the cards in your Multiply Blog also. They are cute. The matryoska is a good Idea. ^^

    The desert looks yummy ^^. The yellow rice reminds me of Nasi Kebuli ^^…

    The party is also a good idea to promote HIjabs to children. Just like when a boy is circumcised the family holds a party to celebrate. ^^ Nice idea… 😀

  2. oooh…beautiful party. Imagine if we make the same party in Indonesia

    • If it’s affordable, why not. Also, it has to be connected with the customs in Indonesia. Maybe the guests can wear kebaya?

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