A Farewell Party

Why should we celebrate moment when we have to say goodbye to someone? What makes it special? My recall about a farewell party was when I was 6 years old. My parents decided that we should move to the capital which included the 24-hour train ride. All of our relatives came and neighbors too. I didn’t realize it was a farewell party. I had fun (fighting with my cousin) that night. But then came the morning when everyone hugged me, kissed on my cheeks and said,”Take care”. Hey, what happened? I was brokenhearted all the way on my first train ride. But challenges waiting for a 6-year-old who’s never been to a big city before.

So when I thought about farewell party, I always connect it with my own memory. Nevertheless, I wanted to do something wonderful for my daughter’s violin teacher when she told us, she and her little family are moving to another state. I thought it would be fun to have a farewell party for her. After planning it and wrapping it so secretly (under her nose), we concocted a scheme to get her into the room. One student volunteer to be blamed for something that require her attention. Imagine her surprise when everyone yelled,”SURPRISE!!” I laughed so hard seeing her beyond belief face. For the party, I prepared fish ball fried rice, a t-shirt for everybody to sign on and a special good luck card. We had a ball and I could say I felt much better now about farewell party.

Violin Lady card

Above, is the good luck card I made for my daughter’s teacher. I copied the 1/10 size violin for the body, then adhere a vintage music sheet. (An acquaintance gave me a vintage music book from 1934.) The lady playing violin is a stamped image on vellum paper. A paper flower was another addition


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