Indonesian call it KECAP (read: ketchup). But Indonesian ketchup is not made of tomatoes or red at all. Instead, it is made of soy beans and it can be sweet or salty. But kecap in this context is the sweet soy sauce and Indonesian use it in a lot of their recipes. One of them is CHICKEN IN SWEET SOY SAUCE. My mother used to make this meal plenty of times and a lot of food vendors provide it as their standard meal. Several types of preparations are available and some people cook it based on their own ideas. This is  my own kind of Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce. Instead of using cut-up whole chicken, I used boneless chicken breast. It’s on sale anyway at the market. Beside that, the chicken in soy sauce recipe usually require frying the chicken, but I baked it instead. To add that, I used leeks and long hot green peppers for “the green effect”. So, here’s the recipe, hope you enjoy:


– 4 pounds boneless chicken breast, cut into big cubes (or cut-up whole chicken in small pieces)

– 3 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

– 5 Garlic (smashed and minced) – about a tablespoon for marinating

– 1 Onion, cut into dice

– 2 – 3 Leeks, depend on the size, cut up into pieces

– 3 Long hot green peppers, take away the seeds and cut side ways

– 4 – 6 Tablespoon of sweet soy sauce

–  Salt and pepper to taste

– Cooking oil

– Baking sheet and aluminum foil


1. Marinate the chicken with Worcestershire sauce,  salt and pepper also minced garlic. Keep it a side for minimum of two hours.

2. Prepare the oven for  375F.

3. On the baking sheet, lay the aluminum foil and spread some cooking oil. Put the chicken in order.

4. Bake the chicken for 20 minutes one side, turn it and bake for 15 minutes on other side. Then take it out and put it aside. (Baking time  may vary)

5. In a pan or wok, heat the cooking oil and put the onion and minced garlic into it. Stir them until wilted.

6. Put the leeks into the wok, stir,  then put the chicken in. Stir it while pouring the sweet soy sauce into the mix.

7. Add the long green pepper, salt and pepper to taste, then stir them. Turn down the heat and let it cook for about 7 minutes.

8. Turn of the heat and enjoy your meal. The Chicken in Sweet Sauce is good when eaten with white rice, cut-up tomatoes, cucumbers or some lettuces.


Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce


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