Sweet Treats for Saying Hello

Back in the old days, an apple is given to a teacher as act of appreciation. It is so well-known that apple becoming sort of symbol with school and teachers. But instead of apple, I sent bags of sweet treats with the kids for their teachers. It’s kind of celebration for their first day of school. As I mentioned it before in my post before this, the kids’ school was closed due to tropical storm Irene. We’re thankful that everybody that we know from school are fine. It is also my way of smoothing the first day that sometimes making my kids nervous and anxious. So I made these paper bags that I filled with sweet treats. I used the template from the bag I got from this chocolate store I visited. The papers were scrapbook papers with two different sides. Make sure if you want to make some kind of container out of paper, use paper that is thick enough but still fold-able nicely. I also made tags with my kids’ names written on them as a way of saying ‘hello’ to their teachers and to get to know them better.

Sweet treat bags for teachers

Sweet treats for teachers

Sweet treats for teachers


2 thoughts on “Sweet Treats for Saying Hello

  1. manisnyaaa… suka sekali ini XD… bisa jadi tanda perkenalan yang bagus. sederhana tapi memikat.. Kasih tahu caranya dong, Mbak 😀

    • Tinggal kamu cari aja template atau cetakan kotak atau kantongnya, Lia. Lewat Google kamu bisa cari “template paper bag”, banyak deh pilihannya. Ini sederhana aja kok. Kata anakku yg gede serasa kayak sogokan, hahaha. Kalau sogokan berupa permen & kue sih, nggak bikin bangkrut.

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