A 100 Year Old Postcard

There’s always something special about postcard that is different from letter. Too bad, in today’s world of  technology minded, we lose that undeniably touches that come with a postcard. I love postcards. I collect them even though I haven’t been to the place where the photo was taken. My favorites are postcards with paintings and artworks. I also love old postcard that already written, stamped and been somewhere from wherever the person who first sent it was, to the last destination where the last person who received it had lived.

When I had a chance to visit an antique store or flea market, I tried to find for some old postcards. One postcard I found was 100-year old. I got it from a store called Gathering in Ivoryton, Connecticut. It’s from a guy whose name was Bill to a girl named Lilly. It looked like a friendly and caring writing from him to her. His manly style was distinguished from his choice of postcard. There’s nothing romantic about it for certain. Bu I bet this guy, Bill, loved Lilly dearly.

Vancouver, B.C.                              11 – 2- 11

“Dear Lilly,

Received your last letter quite safe, those fortune tellers don’t always tell the truth.

Yours,  Bill”

(Stamped Vancouver, B. C. Feb 11, 5 PM , 1911)


One hundred year old postcard


One hundred year old postcard


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