In Memoriam, Dear Teacher

A devastating news came last Thursday of an untimely passing of a dear teacher. He was one of my daughter’s music teacher and has been involved in a lot of music programs and activities throughout the year. He was an honored man and very industrious. That’s why we never would’ve expected the worst kind would befall upon him. But there it was, his decision to end his life has left us with sorrow and a big question. Why did he do it? We never would’ve thought behind his leadership and excellent work performance, he was a troubled mind lost in an abyss of desperation. I’d like to dedicate a poem to honor him. Then during my visit to a book sale, my daughter handed me a poetry book called “American Poetry 1671-1928”,that was published in 1929. I fell in love right away with Walt Whitman’s “Good-bye, My Fancy”, one of the many poems that are in the book. So, this one is for him.

May he rest in peace.

Picket fences


Good-bye, my Fancy!

Farewell, dear mate, dear love!

I’m going away, I know not where,

Or to what fortune, or whether I may ever see you again,

So Good-bye, my Fancy.

Now for my last-let me look back a moment;

The slower fainter ticking of the clock is in me,

Exit, nightfall, and soon the heart-thud stopping.

Long have we lived, joy’d, caress’d together;

Delightful! – now separation – Good-bye, my Fancy.

Yet let me not be too hasty:

Long indeed have we lived, slept, filter’d, become really

blended into one;

Then if we die we die together (yes, we’ll remain one),

If we go anywhere we’ll go together to meet what happens,

May-be we’ll be better off and blither, and learn something,

May-be it is yourself now really ushering me to the true songs

(who knows?),

May-be it is you the mortal knob really undoing, turning-so

now finally,

Good-bye – and hail! my Fancy.

Bird bath


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