The Oh No Cake

I don’t like baking that much, although I love watching shows about baking. It’s the cleaning up that I usually tried to avoid. But once in a blue moon, like a couple of Saturdays ago, I really wanted to bake a cake. I saw a new product of gluten-free chocolate cake flour from King Arthur and right away I was curious and wanted to try to bake one. So I encouraged my self preparing this and that and loosened up a bit trying not to think about the mess I would create later. I dumped all the ingredients in a bowl and started to turn on my almost 10-year-old hand mixer, when suddenly after I switched it from 1 to 2, the mixer went kaput! Oh no! “This is not happening!”, I exclaimed. I kept trying to turn the mixer on, but nothing happened. Then I thought perhaps I could beat the batter with my egg whisk. But the batter was rather like some goop and it’s too sticky to beat.

I began to stress out staring at my whisk that was covered with mud-like stuff rather than cake batter. I ignored the directions on the package and tried to be creative. After I put some water in the batter (the amount according  the package), I mixed it and put it into my blender. It was too heavy for the blender though, so there was this scary sound coming when I turned it on. I kept switching from pulse to beat, then pulse to beat for several times, until the batter came up more like a thick milkshake. When I put the batter in the oven, I was definitely not wishing the cake would come up anything like a cake. After about 40 to 45 minutes later, I took the cake out of the oven and mesmerized by it. It looked wonderful! For the “oh no” cake, it sure looked awesome and my children loved, and I meant loved it so much. Since we don’t like icing or frosting, we ate the cake bare, but I added some blueberry jam with my slices and oh, it’s so wonderful!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


2 thoughts on “The Oh No Cake

  1. Pinteeerrr…. Keliatannya menggoda banget. Apalagi buat yang udah 5 bulan ga makan coklat… Hiiks..

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