Got Newspapers?

I enjoy reading newspapers more than any other reading materials. In fact, when I learned to read about 6 years old, my first reading materials were newspapers. Sometimes I didn’t understand the words that I read and I’d ask my father. He would look at me puzzled and ask me back,”Where did you learn that word?” Apparently, my first reading material was not such a highly quality newspaper (in terms of articles and stories). But hey, I became a fast reader anyway. Now that I am newspaper subscriber, I have stacks of newspapers accumulating every day. Recycling is one way to do, but I got another good idea. I reuse the newspaper and turn it into origami boxes. The boxes are sturdy enough for my arts and craft materials. They can be pretty too with some accents added

Origami boxes from newspaper

Origami boxes from newspaper

 Origami boxes from newspapers


One thought on “Got Newspapers?

  1. That is very creative. Its an excellent idea to recycle many waste items. Like making best out of waste. I have this interest as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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