Miracle in The Garden

There is always something happens in nature and we  consider them as miracles. But to witness that miracle so close around you, it’s going to get you goosebumps and infuse your faith. As it happened in my garden, one of my sunflower’s stalk snapped  because of the high wind. I tended the snapped stalk by putting it close to another stalk and fallen branch. I tied them together with a twig. A day or two after that, I saw a bulb came out from the snapped stalk. The bulb got big and eventually bloomed, while the stalk rot away. It was breathtaking to see the sunflower thrived even when it didn’t look like it would make it. This might just be a simple story, but I think it fits in the dire situation we live today. Always expect a miracle.

“Where hope grows, miracle blossom.”

Snapped sunflower stalk

Miracle Sunflower


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