Enter The Dragon

My modeling clay dragon

Yesterday, during Mandarin class that my oldest daughter and I attended, students were asked to create mythical features of Chinese folklore or believe. The teachers handed out pictures of statue of Budha, dragon and lion. Students could create whatever object they interested in with some modeling clay.

Any craft time is super time for me. But I’ve never worked with clay, modeling or not. Nevertheless, I love craft time, so I tried my best to create one mythical feature that I chose, a dragon. My only tool was some kind of plastic spatula. No mold involved, so it’s all free-hand clay sculpture. I really had fun creating the dragon and looking at the end result was a happy moment to me. I was really proud of it. By the way, the teachers were ecstatic too about my dragon.

Chinese Dragon

My Chinese Dragon & Me

My Chinese Dragon Modeling Clay


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