Kitchen’s Diary: Stir-Fry Bean Sprout & Tofu

One of the recipes my mother taught me was stir-fry bean sprout and tofu. She taught me by phone, while I jot down the ingredients and how to cook them.  I sort of cook it my own way and add some ingredients to make this recipe has  pizazz, like colors. I love the colors from the carrot,  the red peppers, and  the scallions, blending together with the bean sprouts and  the tofu.


– 3 cloves of garlic, smashed then finely cut

– 2 or 3 stalks of scallions, cut side ways

– 1 or 2 red long peppers or red chili peppers, cut side ways

– 1 pound of bean sprouts

– 2 carrots, long and thinly cut

– tofu, cut into dice

– 1/2 cup of organic chicken broth/vegetable broth/water

– cooking oil ( I use canola oil)

– 2 table spoons of soy sauce

– salt & pepper to taste


Fry the diced-tofu half done or until just slightly yellowish color all around

In a wok or pan, drizzle some oil in medium heat. Put into it, some garlic and stir until it smells nice, then add the red chilies and stir again.

Place tofu, carrots and bean sprouts into wok and add some soy sauce. Stir and pour some of organic chicken broth.

Stir until the bean sprout and carrots look a bit wilted. Add the scallions, salt and pepper. Stir again until all is blended, then turn off the stove.


You have to cook the stir-fry quickly and don’t take too long, so that you can still taste the crunchiness from the carrots and the bean sprouts.

STir-Fry Bean Sprout, Carroct & Tofu (2)

Stir-Fry Bean Sprout, Carrot & Tofu


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