The First & Last Birthday Celebration

Perhaps everything that’s happened, happen for a reason. After nine years of only talking on the phone, at last my children could meet their grandparents. As soon as my parents arrived at the airport, my children embraced them like they’ve already known them despite the long distance.

Perhaps it’s the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, they didn’t seem like strangers to each other. At last, there’s a celebration when my daughter’s birthday arrived. At last there’s a special eating out unlike any other. But that moment became the most precious, when we can’t repeat it again.

Four years have passed since that wonderful birthday celebration, my children’s beloved grandmother is no longer with us. But that certain moment that’s carved into our memory will linger, giving us something so precious to hold on to. Even when that moment meant the first and also the last birthday celebration with beloved grandmother

Chinese Tea House


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