Batik Inspired Scrapbook

I am a scrapbooker and my latest project involved Batik patterned-paper. A friend of mine introduced me to this beautiful paper through her blog. Batik is what make me proud to be an Indonesian. It is the national fabric and motifs, albeit any other so-called “Batik” from other country, Indonesian Batik is more diverse and beautiful. Batik is most common among Javanese ethnic. Back then, each region, social class in community, and the type of celebration has its own patterns. But now Batik becomes the fabric and motif that everybody can wear for official, celebratory or just-for-fun reason.

I received several Batik patterned-papers from my mother and a blogger friend a while ago. I kept them long enough, without having any specific idea what to create with them. An idea then came when I looked at a photo with my two girls during Indonesian Festival. I wanted to use the Batik patterned-paper as the background for my scrapbook. Beside, I wanted to appreciate my heritage and culture more, and to teach my girls about them. I incorporated the paper with gold colored-paper and some metal accents specifically. I used a gold wire that I twisted to frame the photo and a metal medallion (a present from an Indonesian friend), to establish the relation between Batik  with gold jewelry.

P.S. If you have any insightful comment, please don’t hesitate to share it with me. Thanks!
Batik Inspired Scrapbook

Batik Inspired Scrapbook/Wire Works


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