The Bagpipe Man

New York City is unique because its street musicians. They will amaze you to the extent where you will not only applauding, but also giving a standing ovation to some of them. Here’s one of many, a bagpipe player performed in front of the Metropolitan Museum.

“Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves

in their art.”

-Margot Fonteyn-


The Bagpipe Man


11 thoughts on “The Bagpipe Man

  1. Charlotte Lehman

    Great photo!

  2. I’ve seen him! Great photo.
    Please do a photo of my favorite NYC subway musician, the ‘Saw Lady’. I see her at the 14th st (Union Sq) subway station a lot in the afternoons. This is her:

    • I’ll have to find her first. Thanks for sharing the link. She’s awesome! Thanks for your comment. I’ll try to get another picture of the street musicians.

  3. kereeenn!! bangga gw sama lo!!

  4. Do you know the guy s name ?

  5. […] These men called themselves “AfroBats”, a group of 4 (or 5) street performers whose stages are New York City. We encountered them during our visit to the MET. The weather was fine and not too humid, so my children, friends and I sat beside the fountain in front of the museum. We took a break and tried to get some munchies after hours of admiring the museum’s collections. Then we heard the commotion from people who gathered and sat on the museum steps. The men acknowledged themselves with jokes, dances and some acrobats. Everybody was cheering with such enthusiasm, making another unique moment at the MET. It was like my other street performer experience with the Bagpipe Man. […]

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