The Healing Time

The year is almost ending. I encountered moments of sadness this year, when my mother passed away in February and my grandfather in October. My mother was a battered woman and her last fight was with cancer. She would always be my hero no matter what, the source of my strength and courage. Any day is like healing time for me. My usual chat with my mother is no more, and I miss her so much. Whereas my grandfather was the person who encouraged me to take learning foreign languages seriously. My writing ability came from him. He also encouraged me to write letters to him. So we wouldn’t lose touch, he said. But how do you heal from grieving of losing people whom you love dearly? Will the promise that time will heal, really happen? It’s still going on for me.

(My mother one time said, she’d love to see the colors of Autumn. So here it is, those colors through my eyes.)


“Everybody needs places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and cheer and give strength.”

-John Muir-

Red Maple Leaf


4 thoughts on “The Healing Time

  1. Gorgeous photo! Hope you feel better every day.

  2. wow….i found your blog via a woman in the netherlands…via a link about washi tape….have enjoyed looking through your blog, awesome photography!!! i lost my mother 4 years ago. i hope for you to find comfort in grieving in small doses….

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