My Favorite Flower: Lavender

When I was 4 or 5 years old, my uncle who was a sailor brought home a box. The box had a very distinct and exquisite smell. I wouldn’t know that the box was a soap box which used to contain Lavender soap. I wouldn’t know either that the box was from Yardley’s soap. That distinct smell was attached in my mind for years, but I didn’t know what was the source of its fragrance.  Until when I moved to the States and one day went to a local drug store and passed through its beauty aisle. There I smelled that distinct smell again and found several boxes of Yardley’s soap. To me, that smell is a reminder of my childhood, of how happy I was living with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. I used to keep my precious knick-knacks in the soap box my uncle gave me. Then when I was little, I only knew about Lavender as a name written on a magazine, I haven’t encountered it physically. I can tell you now that I’m so into Lavender that I collect several types of Lavender soaps and have my dish soap and laundry softener with Lavender scent too. I bought Lavender plant last year, but I didn’t do well caring for it. Perhaps I will try again planting it next summer.





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