The Quaint Beach

This is an old photo taken in 2007, when I had to wait while my son was at his preschool. We live close to the beach and sometimes I took my alone time walked about when there was only a handful of people there. One morning, it was so gloomy. The sky was grey and the sun was nowhere to be found.  Yet, I felt so peaceful and calm, not a bit gloomy as the weather. Reminiscing that moment sometime I really miss it, now that almost everyday would be a hectic one.


The song of the sea is a wondrous lay,
For it mirrors human life;
It is grave and great as the judgment day,
It is torn with the thought of strife
With love-lights everywhere,
When the sky has taken the deep to wife
And their wedding-day is fair–
Such is the oceans mystery,
Such is the song of the sea.

(from Song of the Sea by Richard Burton)

The Quaint Beach


4 thoughts on “The Quaint Beach

  1. Such a nice photo…the excerpt above it and the black and white effect really add to the theme. Nice work!

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