Sweeten Up With Sweet Wrappers

Have you paid attention more to a chocolate or candy wrapper? Believe it or not, there are a handful of pretty, cute and awesome wrappers out there. For those special wrappers, trash bin is not their last journey. They ended up instead on my greeting cards. Since I love creating greeting cards  for fun, giving it away or selling as a custom-made, I would love to use any kind of paper materials for the decorations. Some of the cards I’ve created were decorated with pretty things I got from chocolate or candy wrappers. Some of that cards are here for you to see. Pay attention to the details on my cards, maybe you’ll realize from which chocolate or candy wrapper the decorations came from.

1. GET WELL SOON TEDDY – I used a picture from  a tissue box, the teddy, for main decoration and butterfly punches from Wrigley’s bubble gum box for the accents.


Get Well Soon Teddy

2. BABY CONGRATS – I used a snack wrapper from Japan that has a cute chick on it for an accent.


Baby Congrats

3. BELATED BIRTHDAY WISH – I used a plastic inside wrapper from a chocolate for the background.


Belated Birthday Wish

4. FRIENDSHIP CARD – I used a chocolate wrapper that has two cute kitties and artsy feature for the main attraction on my card.


Friendship Card


2 thoughts on “Sweeten Up With Sweet Wrappers

  1. These are lovely. What a nice idea, and a creative way to recycle!

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