It’s The Year of The Dragon

It’s official, the new Chinese New year has begun. It’s the year of the dragon. Some say this year will bring good luck, better chances, lots of opportunities, well, let’s just hope so. I’m sorry for not updating my blog more often, but I got caught up with the kids’ matters which were triple, with each of mine had assignments, recitals, rehearsals and concerts coming all together. I do hope you’re alright, up and about.

With the spirit of the dragon year upon us (although I’m not Chinese, a lot of my friends are and I get the influences of the new year), I created some cards with dragons on them. I drew these dragons and made into templates, that I then copied and drew on a gold colored paper. I cut out the dragons using craft knife and, ta da… GONG XI FA CAI, means congratulations and prosperity.


Long nian xing da yun. Xin Nian Kuai Le

“Good luck for the year of the dragon. Happy new year”

Year of Dragon Greeting Card

Gong Xi Fa Cai-Year of Dragon

Year of Dragon Card

Chinese Dragon


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