Rain in Macro

It rained for the past couple of days. The weather felt like springtime rather than winter. The rain reminded me of this picture I took during a big rain storm. My left hand was holding an umbrella, while my right took a shot of the rain drops with my pocket camera, a Canon PowerShot A230. It was like an acrobatic move and I could only did it once, because the rain came down so hard. I really love and cherish this picture. Everytime I look at it, I feel so fresh, don’t you?


Is it raining, little flower?
Be glad of rain!
Too much sun would wither thee;
‘Twill shine again.
The sky is very black, ’tis true;
But just behind it shines the blue.
God watches; and thou wilt have sun,
When clouds their perfect work have done.

Lucy Larcom

Rain Drops on Leaves


One thought on “Rain in Macro

  1. Love it…great macro shot. Would like to see some more. Its also inspiring me to put up some of my macro shots too.


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