The Black Pansies

Last September I visited a roof garden at Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. Although the garden was small, it had several interesting plant collections. One of them was these black pansies. I was intrigued, because I’ve never seen black pansies before. They’re not really black, but very dark purple.Their color was indeed exquisite and marvelous with the green backdrop.

(Pansy’s other names: viola tricolor hortensis, heartsease, love in idleness and flower of Jove.)

The Answer

Lavender for old loves,
Roses for the new,
Heliotrope for pleasure, lass,
And for sorrow, rue.
Rosemary lest you forget.–
Take, or let it be.
I will have the wholesome pine
And the open sea.
Rosemary lest you forget.–
When I come again
Up the old familiar path
In the autumn rain,
What if you’ve forgotten, lass?
Say, what shall I do?–
Here is the heartsease by the gate
With the bitter rue.

Sara Hamilton Birchall

Black Pansy

Viola tricolor

Black Pansies


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