When The Sea Is Calling From Bar Harbor

Standing at the beach of Bar Harbor while the tide was low and the birds were flocking looked for any sea creatures that would fill their supper, I felt humble. The wind blew my hair and I could smell the distinct sea smell that stirred in the air. I could hear people chattering about, and my children’s laughing and shouting now and then, when they found something interesting on the beach. The sea was calm, while the sky above it holding down some rain that’s about to fall. No other words could define what breathtaking meant. This might be what I’ve heard all along about the call of the sea.

There’s the bird’s song and the wind’s song, and the song of the leafless tree,
But, oh, the call of the sea’s song, the imperious song of the sea.
There’s the song of running water, and the song of singing rain;
But, oh, the song of the masterful sea, that calls down the coast of Maine.

Edwin Oswood Grover

Beatiful Bar Harbor

Low Tide in Bar Harbor

Blue Boat at Sea

Fishing Boats in Bar Harbor

Seaside Bar Harbor


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