If Life Is A Gumball Machine

My son stood in front of a gumball machine one day at a pizza restaurant, and examined the many choices he would get. “I want the blue one!”, he exclaimed, really hoping for it. He inserted a quarter and waited for his wish. His anticipation was shown on his face. Out it came a yellow gumball. “Aw, I don’t like the yellow one!” and he handed it to his sister. “I still want the blue one”, he insisted.

A gumball machine is a simple device that can make someone’s wish come true or the opposite. Waiting for the intended gum with the color that we wish for, almost like the life itself. Even though you have worked hard on something, or made a wish that you really, really wanted, that might just fail or become another wish that you jot down on your journal. Our expectation can be as high as the moon, yet it can get out of our reach and fly away, unless we have another chance.

If life is a gumball machine, the coin that we put into it will be our hard-earned works and prayers. We want the outcome to be in our favor. The colors on the gumballs can represent our hope: red for love or romance; green for prosperity (doesn’t always mean being rich, though); yellow for good luck; blue for health, but not black or white. They mean bad things will happen, like death or sickness.

But what if the wish that you wanted to happen turned out to be not as ideal as you thought you’d get? Do you give up or try once more? Perhaps we should learn from  a child how to handle your self when your wish didn’t come true: BE PERSISTENT. Life is not about your wish coming true, but the journey to make it not as disappointed as you thought it would. Like what my son did when he’s persistent, he got the black gumball instead of blue, that turned out to be the get-your-free-pizza gumball.

Gumball Machine


2 thoughts on “If Life Is A Gumball Machine

  1. Nice post 🙂 My mom used to say, life is like a lottery, u never know what you’ll get.

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