In The Community Garden

Situated deep inside Edgewood Park in New Haven, Connecticut, was a community garden that was splendidly camouflaged beneath the big trees. I went there to see carnival for charity event (in September), but then found out there’s a beautiful garden that had collections of rows upon rows of flower plants, shrubs and herbs. The park itself was spectacular in its 120-plus acres area. It had big trees and lush-green lawn with small hill and valley for children who love to go crazy outdoor. But as soon as I stepped into the garden, I was lost. I would never thought that it was a community garden. Since I thought some community gardens are nothing like garden that I imagine. Between Delphiniums, Foxgloves, Salvias, Lamb’s Ears, Dahlias, Roses, raspberries, tomatoes, I couldn’t stop admiring my surrounding. The garden was crowded with colors and blooming flowers. What an enlightenment it was to be in it.

“All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so.”

Joseph Joubert

In The Garden

Raspberries In The Garden

Little Purple Aster Flowers

Lamb's Ear Plants

A Pair of Tomatoes

Midnight Salvia



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