The Snowdrops’ Hello

Saturday morning, I grabbed my camera and went to a short morning walk to a nearby rectory in a church close to our home. This rectory has a small garden with plethora of exquisite flowers. There’s no fence around it, so sometimes I went there just to admire the flowers. This time I spotted tiny white flowers blooming from a cold ground. The snowdrops are here! It’s either the winter is almost over, or we’re going to have an early spring. What a delight to see those miniscule beauty wet from some flurries that fell that morning. Even the freezing wind that blew wasn’t going to bother its greeting,”Hello!”

The Snowdrop

Common Snowdrops

Little Snowdrops

The Snowdrops


2 thoughts on “The Snowdrops’ Hello

  1. Beautiful snowdrops!

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