Draw Something, Anything

A lot of times when I had spare time and this means waiting for my children while they had their music lesson (for 30 minutes – 2 hours), I drew. I’ve been drawing since I was little. I draw from the memories of places I’ve been and seen, of characters I made up even named them, or things that inspired me. I love using pencil and pen to draw on any kind of paper, including my children’s music notebooks . During college (I went to law school), I drew while having my midterm test. When I got bored with the test or finished already, but didn’t want to turn my papers early-so not to be thought as boastful, I drew. One time my teacher stood beside me when I was drawing on an extra paper for the written test and  I was lost in my drawing. He said, “That’s nice. Why don’t you go to art school?” Well, the answer was a long story.


Yale sculpture garden behind Yale Art Gallery

Drawing: Yale Sculpture Garden

Snow covered backyard

Drawing: Snow covered backyard

Spinach soup recipe

Spinach Soup Recipe in Drawing

During our trip to Norfolk, we passed along some lakes with leafless woods.

Drawing: On the Way to Norfolk

My parents’ house

Drawing: Home Sweet Faraway Home


2 thoughts on “Draw Something, Anything

  1. You have a real talent for drawing, I am glad you shared your art.

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