Let Your Life be Colorful!

A lot of times I worried about things that got me trapped in a desperate feeling. Although it might just be a simple problem, I couldn’t clear my mind quick enough and replace the negative “what if” with the opposite view. I let my days got dragged in this gray theme that only pushed me over the edge. I doubted my own dreams and afraid that if I dream the same dream, it wouldn’t come true. I forgot to exhale and release my bad energy. Even though many times I told my self,”It’s going to be alright. There should be the silver lining behind all of this”. But who am I kidding? It seemed I kept repeating the same voice in my head, and yet I didn’t understand what it meant.Then it dawned on me, some problems are the colors in your life. Like these beads that were scattered around after my son’s done playing with them. At first I saw them as a problem since I was the one ended up cleaning. But then looking at those colors, it reminded me that there is indeed a silver lining behind every problem. We should always be grateful, and be able to view life’s problems in sort of a reward program from God, so we can be more patient.



2 thoughts on “Let Your Life be Colorful!

  1. dianne - life as i see it

    i enjoyed this post a lot ; )

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