L’amour Cardboard Greeting

I love cardboard. So when I got some from the packages I received, I kept them around for later. This time I turn them into something romantic. I called them CARDBOARD GREETING, since they’re not your average greeting card. For your information, I’m also a paper artist and I love creating any kind of greeting cards. I began creating them since I was in middle school and even sold them too.During my college year, one time, while having midterm tests I was also busy making hundreds of greeting cards by hand.

These cardboard greetings were inspired by French theme.I always write the sentiments on my works my self, like the quote from Balzac that I wrote on the first cardboard greeting. It’s in French on the front, and its translation on the back. My other passion is to learn languages, that’s why I used the original quote in French on my works. What special about these cardboard greetings is you can hang them on the wall or message board. So the intended recipient can see, acknowledge or show it off. Tell me what you think about them!

“L’amour est la seule passion qui ne souffre ni passe mo avenir”

Love is the only passion that cares not about the past or the future



L'amour est la passion, cardboard greeting

Romantic cardboard greeting

L'amour est la seule passion art

L'amour cardboard greeting

L'amour cardboard greeting


6 thoughts on “L’amour Cardboard Greeting

  1. Those are pretty. I love hand-made cards.

  2. they are so nice and cute.. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’re so creative!

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