Because You Matter to Me

I love making birthday card for someone I care about. This time is for my kids’ violin teacher. We’ve known her for so long now, since my oldest started violin lesson 5 years ago. She’s a great teacher and also a good friend to me.  Sometimes when I needed someone who’s willing to listen, especially during the hard times while my mother was ill, she’s there for me. This is it, an accordion birthday card with spring theme just for her.


Because You Matter to Me

Accordion Birthday card

Accordion Birthday Card


4 thoughts on “Because You Matter to Me

  1. Pretty card! I love handmade presents.

    • Thanks! I think almost everyday I make a new card for families & friends. Do you make card too?

      • I do make cards. Not as pretty as yours, but I make lots of other gifts too. I love sewing, and knitting and paper arts too.

      • That’s very nice. I don’t take up sewing seriously like my mom, though I always love anything about sewing world. I learned to make my own blouse long time ago.

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