Spring Finds Its Way to My Door

Sorry, I’ve been away from this blog for the longest time. Hope you’re all well. As the Spring sprouts here and there, so do the chores, the errands and the children’s assignments. As the rain, the fog and sunshine come on their merrily way, I bid you,”Hello!”

Again, the violet bows to the lily.
Again, the rose is tearing off her gown!
The green ones have come from the other world,
Tipsy like the breeze up to some new foolishness.
Again, near the top of the mountain
the anemone’s sweet features appear.
The hyacinth speaks formally to the jasmine,
“Peace be with you.” “And peace to you, lad!
Come walk with me in this meadow.”

Spring by Rumi


Purple Wild Flower

Again, the season of  Spring has come
and a spring-source rises under everything,
A moon sliding from the shadows.

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