Lost in Elizabeth Park

I’ve heard of Elizabeth Park for sometimes, but my first time visiting this beautiful and elegant park was in April. The Spring has just began with the promise of blooming Tulips in the park. No one said about the rose garden and how it is so amazing, even though the roses haven’t bloomed yet.  I love its green lawn that sprawling all over this 102-acres park. The park was named after the wife of a wealthy industrialist and statesmen, Charles M. Pond. I was lost for words describing one of National historic places located  in West Hartford, Connecticut. Blue sky, crisp air, green grass, abundant of birds and plethora of blooming flowers. Heaven is somehow nestled here, in Elizabeth Park.

The Arches at Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park, West Harford

Hut at Rose Garde

Red TulipsRose Arches

Bicolor Tulip

Pink & Purple Tulips

Yellow Tulip

A Girl at Elizabeth Park

White Flower

The Bluebells

Yellow Flowers



Stone Tiles

Cherry Blossom

White Cherry Blossom


2 thoughts on “Lost in Elizabeth Park

  1. This is absolutely breathtaking. It’s full of positive energy. I want my garden to look like this.

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