The Flower of May

As soon as the end of April was near, my daughter was excited beyond compare. Her birthday was approaching by the time May begins. At the same moment, Lily of the Valley behind our home are sprouting and blooming, intoxicating with its fragrance. Then I found out that these small beauties are poisonous. Who knew, behind the petite shape, fragile presence and exuberant scent, this flower bears some hidden threat. Although some things are meant to be only enjoyed by seeing them from afar, I ended up picking up some Lily of the Valley from the back of our home and placed them in a vintage milk bottle to decorate my working table. It was for our special celebration, my daughter’s and mine.

“We noticed smallest things,–
Things overlooked before,
By this great lights upon our minds
Italicized, as ‘t were. “
-Emily Dickinson-

Lily of the Valley in A Milk Bottle

Macro Lily of the Valley


4 thoughts on “The Flower of May

  1. some of my favourite spring flowers.
    they are sheer eye candy – and not poisonous when looked at 🙂
    however i will be sure never to eat any.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Spring flowers are my favorite flowers of all everything is new again after such a long wet and cold winter in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State.

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