The Robin Trio

I think small birds are funny. One grey morning I was walking and saw this Mockingbird that I got to know from its beautiful song that it sang on top of neighbor’s antennae, was perching on the wire. Suddenly it rose up to fly and from another direction, a small black bird flew at the same time. What happened was they collided in the air and right away they separated and flew to different direction. It’s like nothing to it, it’s just a weird accident. I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a funny sight to see.

Another morning I saw three Robins gathered on neighbor’s lawn. They seemed to be a family, like they were discussing something. Two females and one male, maybe. They reminded me of my children: two girls and a boy. The Robins looked around, pecking here and there for some foods. When one moved to other side, the others followed, like playing ‘follow the leader’. When the other flew, the rests were behind it close by. Such simple event in nature brings out the peace in you, that makes you smile or even laugh.

The Robin Trio


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