Make Your Own Goddie Box

Got milk carton? Got big juice box? How about turning them into some goodie boxes. That’s what I did for my oldest daughter’s birthday. She wanted to bring some goodies to give to her close friends at school. Since I had several milk cartons and juice boxes, I thought why didn’t I just use them to my heart content. The process to make each one was easy-peasy. You can try this project for you summer vacation craft with your children, niece or nephew, grandchildren, or even you friends. Make sure you have special theme in mind that you’re going to implement into your boxes. Next time you have some gathering or afternoon tea party, how about giving your guests your handmade goodie box. Shall we create one, then?


  • used milk cartons/ juice boxes
  • Modge Podge glue or other type of white glue
  • patterned-paper (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazine page, etc.)
  • wire, yarn or ribbon
  • decorations (sticker, paper flower, button, etc.)
  • hole punch

How to make:

  1. Cut the box measuring 1/2 way til the box separated.
  2. Measure the patterned-paper you want to use as the box.
  3. Adhere patterned-paper unto the box using Modge Podge or other glue.
  4. Make two holes with hole punch.
  5. Tie the wire, yarn or ribbon for the handle.
  6. Decorate the box as pretty as you like.

Two kinds of goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags

Milk carton  goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags


6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Goddie Box

  1. Awesome idea! I really like this!

  2. Duuuh suka banget aku sama yg ini šŸ˜€

  3. I love it….keren šŸ™‚

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