Three Tire Swings

There used to be three girls in our home, before another girl become an addition. I’m the oldest with my two younger sisters. We don’t look-alike. We don’t behave the same way. But we’re sisters after all with almost similar temperament. Some days ago while walking in front of neighbor’s yard I saw these  three tire swings and they reminded me of us. I would love to swing again with them, having the time of our life. Nowadays, we got tangled with so many problems in our day-to-day activities that we become distant somewhat. We try to catch up here and there, with a lot of memories to hold on to. As I looked at the three swings, I could imagine us laughing together playing there. If only…

PS: to my beloved sister, have a wonderful birthday. Miss you so much.
Three Tire Swings

“Swing as high as you can on a swingset by moonlight, leave time for small, sacred rituals in your life. Play with that little child inside of you. Swing as high as you can until you’re afraid of flipping over the top… Grip the swingset chains tightly and let go of any troubling thought. Swing into your new reality!”


Three Tire Swings


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