Make Your Own Handmade Notebook

To me everyday is a craft day, and with the school’s almost over, the hand-outs I’ve received through the whole semester become overwhelming, especially with three children. When each of them handed me more than one school flyer, reminder, old test, etc., they accumulate plenty. I think of the best way to reuse those papers and also the old bus and train schedule that we rely upon a lot of times. The whole notebook was made out of recycle materials, therefore I’d like to think I help the earth a little bit. When my daughter asked me to give a presentation for college day, I brought along my works including these notebooks. Afterwards, I was invited to teach the 5th grader in my daughter’s class to create the notebook. I really had a great time showing the students how we can manage to use whatever materials from our house and make it into something useful and pretty too.


    • used cereal box or other box container
    • school hand-outs, fliers, announcements, etc.
    • old bus or train schedule
    • washi tapes to decorate
    • rubber bands
    • stickers
    • rubber stamp (sentiment)
    • glue
    • hole paper punch
    • scissors

DIY: Handmade Notebook from Recycle Materials


  1. Fold the school hand-outs or fliers into four and cut it. Do it as many times as you want until you reach the amount of pages you need.
  2. Cut the box apart, and using one of the cut-up hand out, measure it and cut into the same shape. Make sure you leave a small space around the measurement, so the box won’t be too small for the covers.
  3. Cover and adhere  the cut-up box with the bus/train schedule, then fold and adhere the remaining paper at the back of it. Make another one, and these will be the front and back of book cover.
  4. Punch two holes on each cut-up school hand-outs and also on the front and back cover.
  5. Insert one rubber band into each hole on the cut-up hand-outs and the book cover, and tie it. Do the same thing for another hole.
  6. Decorate the notebook with your own style

Have a great weekend everyone!

DIY: Handmade Notebook

DIY: Notebook from Recycle Materials

Picture of the students I taught with their own handmade notebooks.

My craft class students

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Handmade Notebook

  1. Wow! What a satisfying experience, certainly an ‘eco-conscious raising’ one and a creative one for the kids to enjoy, too. Thanks so much for introducing me to washi tapes. I have several rolls now:)!!

  2. Good Job mbak Di…

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