Beauty and the Beast

I think cactus is the beast side of any plant. With its prickly, wooly, sometimes unappealing shape, cactus is not a plant you can easily called beautiful. But even the weird looking one has something to be proud of, some delectable and vivid color flowers. On the sidewalk near our home, some yellow Opuntia cactus flowers are blooming splendidly. When other flowers wilted during the heat wave that’s been happening, the cactus flowers seemed to enjoy it. Their petals opened up so big inviting some bees to jump into the flowers and tasted their sweetness.

A Bee inside A Cactus Flower

Opuntia Cactus Flower

To love thee, year by year,
May less appear
Than sacrifice and cease.
However, Dear,
Forever might be short
I thought, to show,
And so I pieced it with a flower now. 

           -Emily Dickinson-

Yellow Cactus Flowers

Yellow Cactus Flowers

Yellow Cactus Flower


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