Caught in the Act

Yesterday morning was sublime. The kids were still asleep and I decided not to watch the morning show that I usually do. In fact, I didn’t turn on the TV or listened to any music at all. I needed the quietness. The sky was so clear and blue after a big thunderstorm two days before. While I was busying my self on my working table doing my hobby of paper crafting, I heard a bird song. The most beautiful bird song that got into our home through the open windows. It sounded so perfectly in tune and never missed any beat. I went to the back of the house to search for the source and looked up to the tallest tree. It was a Mockingbird that was singing the song. It perched on the highest branch calling out here and there for a mate, while once in a while it did an acrobatic dance in the air. The Mockingbird gave quite a show for me, its VIP guest for that morning. But then, guess what I saw on several branches below where the Mockingbird was, but a pair of Woodpeckers. It looked like they were checking out the tree for some food or maybe a new nest.


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