In the Dark and Ominous Clouds

If I search the definition of “ominous”, the sights that I saw on Monday were probably it. I woke up startling by the loud tinkling of rain. I realized the windows were open because of the heat the day before. Still with half-eyes closed, I closed all the windows in our house and was taken aback by the lightnings that struck repeatedly. I turned on the TV and there was no regular news. Our state was in a state of emergency because of heavy thunderstorm. So for the whole morning I paid attention to the weather report. It said that beside some heavy rain, lost of electricity in certain areas, flood warning, there were hundreds of lightning strikes. Hundreds? Make that almost 500 times in the whole state. In the city where we live, the lightning struck for 162 times. No wonder, it was so scary.

When it was almost midday, the rain pattered down and suddenly there was some sunlight. The birds were singing and the smell of fresh air filled the air when I opened the windows. Sometimes have passed when the lightning came back. I looked outside the window and what I saw made me felt very small. The clouds looked menacingly gathered and huddled together above us. The clear sky was no more and the day became so dark and grey. I got my camera and when outside to the balcony. The clouds made everything looked like a black and white movie. I couldn’t help but thinking of the part in Harry Potter movie when Voldemort arose once more with his dark force terrorizing the world. It turned out the dark clouds were the start of another thunderstorm. I was glad we’re alright. There was no flood or lost of electricity in our part of the state. But the pictures of those ominous and threatening clouds lingered on my mind as a statement that mankind is just miniscule compared to nature.


PS: I didn’t adjust the color scheme on my camera, the colors you see on photos are how the clouds were.

The Black & Ominous Cloud




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