The Umbrella Magnolia

Last spring at last I could actually took some pictures from a mysterious tree that has huge white flowers. I came upon this tall tree when I wanted to ride a city bus from this particular bus stop in the Spring. The flower bud, well it’s too big for a bud anyway, measured about 8 inches or 20cm and when the flowers bloomed, oh my, what a circumference. I thinks it could be as wide as a steering wheel. “Wow!” That was all my children and I could say when we saw some flowers blooming. The leaves are big also and grows together from one stalk as if an umbrella. I was sure it has resemblance with another giant white flower that grows near our house. So I searched under “Magnolia” and found out that the gigantic flowers are in fact, Magnolia tripetala or Umbrella magnolia.It is one magnificent flower, I tell you, just magnificent.


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