The Funny Farm

It is always a wonderful experience for us as we visited a farm. Although some animals are among the common ones, there are still unique sides about them. They behaviors are somewhat cute and naturally funny. The farm that we visited was called Herkscher Farm, that is a part of Stamford Nature Center in Stamford, Connecticut. I saw mommy pig took a nap in a shed, a llama sat under a tree sheltering from the heat and sun. Meanwhile a goat with a cool beard grazed on the lawn and a longhorn cow sat lazily under the shadow of some trees. It was refreshing (though it stunk). The kids were enjoying themselves and I had some good time shooting away my camera.
A Beautiful Longhorn Cow

Lazy Goats

Unique Chicken

Mommy Pig Takes A Nap

Grandpa Goat

A Pony Grazing

A Llama Rests Under A Tree

Beautiful Cow

Cute Llama

A Llama Grazing Together with A Black Sheep

White Duck


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