Between the Asters

Hiding between some Asters, I spotted an American Copper butterfly. The wind blew softly swaying the stalk and the flower where it was at. Meanwhile not a breath away, a beetle moved quietly among the flowers. The sun shone radiantly unto the white of Asters,creating an almost pure and blanched ambiance.  I was curious, what if I laid down on the grass and what I would see. It turned out a stunning view of little white flowers against the blue backdrop of the summer sky. July feels wonderful so far, albeit some days with concern about the heat wave. Even then one day was fine and good enough, when between the Asters I’d found a tiny paradise.

Butterfly on Aster

Aster with Blue Sky

A Beetle on Aster


2 thoughts on “Between the Asters

  1. So refreshing! Thanks! Cheers!

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